Abylaev Kydyrkan

Abylaev Kydyrkan, 70 years old, a shepherd, Jeti – Oguz region, Ak- Kochkor village.

23.02.2010 Time: 10:43 – 11:13 am

Kyrgyz people practiced different kinds of handicrafts. There were extraordinary master craftsmen who made various saddles with ornamental patterns, fancy and ordinary, for hunting and for celebrations. The saddle was planed with an instrument called a kerkee. They also had a curved awl. There were master craftsmen who made the whole trapping – a blanket for the horse and all the rest of the equipment. Everything that was left to me from my kinsmen has disappeared. All of their dishes they made from archa.

Women made shyrdak[1] and tush keeieez[2]. Everything that was used for daily living was made by women. Woman made clothes from wool. There were carpenters and masters of woodcraft.

I saw how the uuk[3] was put into ewe manure so that it became flexible and soft. Manure apparently has heating properties. Today the uuk is boiled in water. Uuk is made of a poplar tree and spruce.

[1] Shyrdak is a two layer decorated wool piece that is put on the floor.

[2] Tush keeieez- is a woolen or velvet carpet that is richly decorated (sometimes the edges sowed with the fur)

[3] Uuk- thin wooden round frame to support the wall and the top dome of the yurt.

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