Have a family of four and a staff of eight

Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog Out(NEWSER) A 9 year old boy reported missing in September has been found safe on a tiny South Pacific island more than 7,000 miles from his home in Pennsylvania.nfl jerseys china
An international search ultimately located father and son on Niue, a coral atoll 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand and 5,500 miles away from Seattle, the Guardian reports.The 46 year old Hanson was arrested by the island’s 15 member police force last Wednesday after a tip from a local who recognized him from a wanted poster, and he was brought back to the US Sunday to face charges of international parental kidnapping, the Seattle Timesreports. Billy had been staying on the 38 foot sailboat at Seattle’s Shilshole Bay Marina with his dad.

Finally, if you buy the jersey form the internet you must pay attention to the delivery time. Buying from retailers is convenient because you have a larger selection of models to choose from. Online vendors accept orders and the check out process is fast.

Wes Morgan became first Jamaican to score in the. Liverpool interested in signing in form RB Leipzig. MOST READ SPORT Previous.. When we love purely, there is not an ego need, period. There is only compassion and understanding. What we and may come from both ego and self value.

Outsourcing. Have a family of four and a staff of eight, quips Jon Younger, a New Jersey based executive. He and his wife have precious little free time to allocate to a seemingly endless list of demands. He treated them well, beyond scrawling the autograph he had practiced as a bored schoolboy in Finland. Speaking to a group of reporters last week, he mentioned he’d been contacted by a boy who had been born prematurely and was treated in an incubator Selanne bought for a children’s hospital. Selanne, a former kindergarten teacher and frequent visitor to children’s hospitals, purchased it without publicity except a sign..

Dissect out the brain, then cut the region of interest with a scalpel,www.cheapnfljerseysshop.com
fix the block in the same fixative for 2 hours and then immerse in 30% sucrose in 0.1 M PB till it sinks to the bottom of the container.4. Obtain cryostat coronal sections (thickness of 16 or 100 using the freezing microtome.5. Let sections dry at room temperature.

(Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)”I think it would be pretty awesome and I think my brothers would love it too because they’re really into hockey,” said 10 year old Bridget Wallace. “The class has been talking about it since we’ve been nominated.”"We all have a real passion and love for the place.” Della SweetGrade 6 student Jacob Lewis said hockey is the community’s “thing.” He said he’s been waiting years to see an NHL game in person and would love to see one in his hometown.The community is already guaranteed a $25,000 dollar prize to upgrade the O’Leary Community Sports Centre, just for making the top ten. But it’s hoping to be in the top two, which would mean another $100,000 for rink upgrades and the top prize the opportunity to host a preseason NHL game.”It would mean a lot to the community,” said 12 year old Kira Costain who watches the senior ‘C’ games most weekends at the arena.

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According to Darren Rovell of ESPN

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the NFL made a concerted effort to take colorblind fans into consideration after last season’s debacle when the all green Jets took on the all red Bills.discount football jerseys
Nike even brought in doctors from Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York to give their thoughts on the effects these jerseys might have for those with colorblindness..

During the campaign, Trump not only went after Cruz, giving him the nickname ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ questioning his faith and bizarrely suggesting his father may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination. He also went after Cruz’s wife, re tweeting an unflattering photo of her next to his wife and threatening to “spill the beans” on her. Shoot in his ad.

Concentrate on physically clenching every muscle in your body all at once and hold it for as long as you can. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, hold it for another week. Now, combine all of those into one cohesive army that’s constantly attacking your body and mind, and the whole time, you know that smoking a single cigarette will take all of that away in less than five seconds..

There’s a backstage promo with Edge and Kelly Kelly. Edge is worried about keeping his belt since Kelly is in the match and if she gets pinned, he loses it. She gets mad that Edge doesn’t have faith in her and compares him to Drew McIntyre. But to step on the ice here and hear them cheering. I really didn’t expect this, to have that much support during each race. Seriously, every time a Canadian would step on the ice they’d go wild.”.

It is now my 9 year old son’s favorite T shirt and his special connection to the Jersey Shore.Entertainment: ‘Jersey Shore’ cast on Sandy devastationWhen you are married to someone who grew up on an island with palm trees, it is hard to convince them the Jersey Shore is a worthy alternative. But I finally convinced my wife to go there for a family reunion when she was newly pregnant with our first child. We arrived when it was dark, and the cool, late summer air was damp with the ocean spray.

Propelled by their trend setting designs, and expanding into men and boy’s lines, South Pole clothing has taken the urban fashion world by storm. It’s no surprise that South Pole clothing has become one of the most sought after lines of urbanwear around. Because of this, consumer demand for South Pole in every city has skyrocketed in the last decade..

Prosecutors say the two women had grown frustrated with the teen, who required around the clock care, and had plotted to kill him using sleeping pills, according to CBS Chicago.www.elitecheapnfljerseysauthentic.com
When that didn’t work, the boy’s mother allegedly stabbed him four times in the chest before slitting his wrists. Skrodzka, Alex’s godmother, also allegedly stabbed the boy multiple times..

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Some businesses and soon even more are rethinking their workforce

Some businesses and soon even more are rethinking their workforce. Granted that, at the moment, they’re shrinking. In a couple of years when we’re past this downturn, our generation will be hitting retirement age in huge numbers.cheap nfl jerseys
This Saturday, it’s Cats versus Cards in the men’s final four as the University of Kentucky plays against Louisville. The two teams are bitter rivals, and the blue red divide separates families, friends and neighbors. This week, police were called in after a fight broke out between two men at a Kentucky dialysis center.

4. Diana Nyad. At the age of 64, Nyad became the first confirmed person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. Near the end of the town hall, a few in the audience interrupted Christie, criticizing him for vetoing an anti fracking waste ban. Christie largely ignored them, and even joked that he knew not to call on them to ask a question from the beginning. Many in the audience booed the interrupters..

What we say: “The base is buttery and fluffy like marshmallow fluff. The consistency is so unique, and the Rice Krispies are super crunchy and sugary.” “Long after I ate this ice cream, I could not stop thinking about it. It’s unlike any ice cream I’ve ever tasted.” “WHAT? This is the best thing.

No, she’s not a child prodigy. She’s a leap year baby.Riddle was born on February 29, 1968, but didn’t know she had a rare birthday until years later. She’s one of 4 million individuals born on leap day the extra day added at the end of February once every four years.”I love my birthday,” said Riddle, who explained that she’s “not a fan of the ordinary.” She goes all out for her quadrennial birthdays.

I will be watching this closely as this I am sure will impact my life,” said rudy69, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.”I did labour relations for a while, way back. Maybe I’ve been out of it for too long but I cannot for the life of me understand why Bettman would throw a bucket of cold water on negotiations at this point by pulling out the gun and waving it around and starting to threaten putting it to the head of the NHLPA. It’s as if he wants the talking to stop,” said Grouchathome.”News Flash! Bettman works for the owners.

Richard Hough,www.cheapjerseysselling.com
UK A heroic effort by our neighbours! Too bad the game was marred by petty fouls and cheap shots. All in all this was a very typical game from a now large and heated CONCACAF rivalry. There will be more to come from these two in the future for sure..

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Treadmills have specific power requirements

Treadmills have specific power requirements that the manufacturer specifies in the owner’s manual. Most manufacturers recommend plugging your treadmill into a single outlet surge suppressor with certain voltage suppressor ratings. Plug the surge suppressor into a grounded outlet on a dedicated, 120 volt circuit.

I loved seeing the map of my route, having on screen arrows lead me back home and the ability to show people what I just did. wholesale nfl jersyes
The “Courses” feature uses a tiny digital cyclist to let you race yourself on your old routes. You go to the Garmin Connect website to upload a map of your route and analyze the ride.

Imagine this: You get a modest windfall of cash, and it’s just enough for a down payment on the starter home you’ve always wanted. What’s more, the current real estate market is a buyer’s dream, with houses going for pennies on the dollar in some cases. With great excitement, you call up your friendly neighborhood mortgage broker and tell him the great news you’re ready to buy a place of your own.

When I first suggested to Zayne that we should enter the race together as a good team bonding event before our wedding I might have slightly glossed over the exact details. Such as the fact that you run 65km on island trails, slippery rocks, and unbeaten terrain, intermixed with 10km of swimming in the cold water of the Baltic Sea. Or how hard it is, as evidenced by the presence of Ultraman world champions and military special forces at the business end of the race.

Nikola was also the world’s leading scientist and continues to be today despite what anyone else says. Unfortunately, after he died, the big electricity companies almost wiped Nikola from history because of his free electricity inventions. I think you asking if it possible to add a 0.9 to 12 volt transformer to increase the power output?.

On Nov 19, a Chinese trade delegation visit to the state was organized by the China International Contractor Association (CICA) under the directive of China Ministry of Commerce. That visit reciprocated Texas Governor Rick Perry trip to China in September to promote the state, according to Chen. While visiting Beijing, Perry was received by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, one of the seven standing committee members of the Politburo..

Weather balloons and weather satellites are devices that are launched into the atmosphere and space to avail information on the temperature of the globe. Environmentalists also conduct studies on glaciers to estimate the amount of time since the ice formed in the particular location.www.mycheapnfljerseys.com
The most popular method is that of studying the sedimentary deposits of the Earth.

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These types of bags activity a classic

This film, entitled was directed by 86 year old Clint Eastwood and starred Tom Hanks in the title role. The film is an adaptation of the book called Duty: My Search for What Really Matters, published by Captain Chesley Sullenberger in 2009.cheap jordan shoes
The story is well known. US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger is a Texas born officer who graduated from the U.

Well, once you have joined those of us who are the proud owners of a dog (or dogs), things are going to change! No more sleeping in on your days off. Then, at least mine do, cavort in devilish glee all the way down the stairs while I’m still trying to focus on the first step down. It would probably help if my eyes were open..

These types of bags activity a classic, distinct appear and feel. That capabilities sets from lockets along with bands for a watch. One additional marvelous choose within examines will be the wrist watch gold gals take pleasure in. Gov. Chris Christie became engulfed by “Bridgegate” shortly after winning a second term nearly three years ago. Emails and texts from top aides show they requested that two lanes onto the bridge be shut down in September 2013, causing massive traffic jams in Fort Lee after the town’s Democratic mayor declined to endorse Christie’s re election..

She was the first player to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She was a part of the USA Women’s softball team that won a gold at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She is also the proud winner of the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. They said they wouldn’t stop and they were right. It’s the Bad Boy Reunion Tour, with Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim, Mase, Faith Evans, Mario Winans, 112, Total, Carl Thomas, the Lox, and French Montana “performing Bad Boy’s 20 years of hits.” The tour stops Sept. 23 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and Sept.

Anne Schuchat. Public Health Service and the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.When you have a bad summer cold, often what you have is an enterovirus. The CDC estimates there are 10 to 15 million viral infections each year in the United States.

Teams often spend two hours on the field at practice during the early season. This is true of football played at the high school, college and professional level. In addition to the two hours on the field, pro players also might spend a similar amount of time going over videotape.

VECSEY: Well, I want to say that I have,www.cheap-jordans-shoes-stores56.com
because I’m not there and I’m not writing on deadline when the Americans are playing, I have gone into seclusion to watch it because I need to take it all in. In other times, I have watched in would you believe there are so many Belgians in New York City that I went to place other day, where it was packed with Belgian people, including two giantesses caring tridents and red horns on top of their heads, which I’d like to think were not real. But it was quite a sight to be around all these people in the red jerseys.

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He went on to an airport hangar

It was interesting that his party colleague told Jon Faine there been no contact with Palmer on Tuesday and then BOOM! Senate bloc! Faine wasn impressed. I think suits will be the least of his media woes unless he gets savvy fast. Although if he makes enough of a mess of it, maybe he be the straw that broke the senate reform camel back.

He went on to an airport hangar in Wilmington, North Carolina, where two small boys wore rubber Trump masks. “As you know,” he said,wholesale nfl jerseys
“the FBI has reopened its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.” This hyperbole led to chants of LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP, and a woman near the press riser said, “Put Obama in there with her.” A pale crescent moon hung behind the stage. “We’re winning,” Trump said.

RIJSBERMAN: With great difficulty. A lot of people are trying that, in fact, and we are doing things. It’s not as if we have to reinvent the toilet before we can start working on that problem, but yes, we do think that particularly for people who live in slums in developing countries, in very high density, low income areas, we don’t really have a toilet that works for poor people..

Lodging Lodging to suit any taste and budget is available in Ocean City, from guesthouses to resorts. Choose from bay side or ocean side to match the type of view you want. If you want to stay in an area farther from the traffic and noise of the city, head south toward Corson Inlet State Park.

His methodical and measurable approach using data collection, tables on catches, temperatures, water pressure etc spoke reams of the benefits of scientifically recording results in order to learn and refine everything you do as an angler. His goals reflected his exceptional ability as a carp angler even among his peers, but also to a significant degree, big fish experience he had gained on some very ‘elite’ waters and syndicates which were just not available to most ‘average’ carp anglers at that time, like “Redmire” and “Ashlea pool” for example. His goals matched him, but certainly were not ‘realistic’ for 90 percent of carp anglers at that time..

I really enjoyed the cake thank you. I made one slight modification though, which was to replace about a third of the flour with ground nuts (mostly walnuts). I also added a little more sugar and lemon, which probably was needed because I didn have enough apple source and I used arrowroot instead of cornflour.

All these vessels sunk in shallow water around the Florida Keys. Amazingly only a couple was found. As much treasure sank so close to the beach pieces keep washing up.www.cheapjerseys2013.com
The All Blacks and the Wallabies had never met on the biggest stage and were clearly the two best teams in 2015.Coach Michael Cheika has been widely lauded for turning around the culture and the fortunes of the Wallabies in just 12 months. Australia knocked out hosts England from the tournament and topped the Pool of Death with a heroic defensive effort against Wales.Wins over Scotland and Argentina were arguably an easier run through the knock out phases, but the final was a step too far for Australia. The All Blacks would not be denied.Then there was McCaw.

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During an allergic reaction

Aims: To improve the interpretation of immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining results the use of a tissue microarray technique was established in a routine setting.Methods: A tissue microarray was constructed by harvesting 600 m tissue cores from paraffin wax embedded samples available in a routine pathology department. The punches originating from non tumorous tissue were placed on host paraffin wax blocks.wholesale jerseys china
The microarray contained 12 different tissue samples, with a wide antigen profile and a dimension of 3.5 3 mm.

During an allergic reaction, your immune system overreacts to the proteins in the fish oil. The body protects itself by creating immunoglobulin E antibodies and histamine. These chemicals cause inflammation throughout the body.. Before the start of the first Ravens game, CBS sportscaster James Brown spewed a bunch of pointless gobbledygook about confronting the problems of domestic violence. Why do I have to confront domestic violence? I’ve never hit nor have I ever had the desire to hit a woman. That’s because I’m not a psychopath.

And let’s talk about bee flight for a minute. Bee aerodynamics actually sucks pretty hard. Because defying gravity takes a lot of energy, being streamlined and efficient is a must, which is why most other flying animals try to cut through the air as cleanly as possible.

Place the fish onto an oiled grill grate or use an oiled fish cage to cook the fillet. Grill the fish for three to five minutes over direct heat until slightly charred. Flip the fish over and allow it to cook three minutes longer.. Make sure these short bursts of exercise count. “You need to get out of breath and sweat,” says Macedo. “Pick exercises that use several big muscle groups at once so you burn more calories.” Try this one: crouch down to the ground, then jump into the air in a full body stretch.

In these cases, they would not be eligible to collect unemployment benefits. For retirees who adhere to the requirements of collecting unemployment, the benefits are available. However, at any time should a retiree fail to meet the minimum requirements, they would have to forfeit future unemployment compensation..

A total of 655 patients (81.5 completed the first 12 weeks of the treatment period and 599 patients (74.4 completed the entire 26 week treatment period.www.cheapjerseyssalestore.com
The treatment groups were well balanced with respect to demographics and baseline bowel and abdominal symptoms with the exception that the placebo group had a greater percentage of men than did the linaclotide group (12.7 vs. 8.2 P (.

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Talk to family

Talk to family, friends, even a health professional if you have to. Helps a lot,” he said.Each year at the Ryan Good Memorial Hockey Game, about 30 players lace up their skates and don jerseys bearing Good’s name and 91, his hockey sweater number. (Elizabeth Chiu)Ryan Good’s legacyTansley said his mental health is much improved.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWill Smith’s new movie comes to theatres on Christmas Day and it’s bound to make NFL fans, players,cheap jerseys wholesale
owners and league management very uncomfortable. She saw the film with a group of 70 former NFL players. You can listen to her interview with the CBC by clicking or tapping the play button at the top of this page or read an edited and abridged transcript of the interview below.

It’s only about money. It’s always about money. But fall outs happen in all walks of life, and sport’s a particularly high octane business. You will have to drill a whole in the center of the plate though, as there is no existing one there. 14×14 inch piece of meshI made this a couple of weeks ago, and tinkered around as I made some errors. I put another 3.0 inch flat metal plate with 4 holes in the bicycle chain ring at the top by the winder.

In southern Indiana and that’s known Allen 799475. Through Michigan and Ohio it’s now. And then we focused on. “As a team, we are pretty lucky to have the opportunity to do it.”The Blades also auctioned off their “ugly sweater” alternate jerseys after the game. The proceeds will go toward the Everblades youth hockey program.Rookie goalie Matt Skoff, who signed with Florida on Nov. 22, made his second start of the season.

The doctors described very diverse abused women. Women presented with depression and anxiety, drug or alcohol problems, eating and sleeping disorders, and migraines and injuries as well as with children’s ailments.1 Doctors’ reactions to their victimised patients ranged from understanding, close identification, and distress to frustration with their inability to engender change. Several doctors were unaware of the barriers inhibiting women’s disclosure.

While all these New Deal effects were quite promising, the critics of this deal were least impressed by them. They argued that the implementation of this program was just an eyewash which never really got rid of issues like unemployment in the United States,www.cheapjerseysupplyforyou.com
but instead just made it appear as if these woes were long gone. Unemployment in the United States increased from 2.6 million in 1929 to 15 million in 1933.

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Алга карай салтты сактап умтулуу…

«Кыргызстандагы эл билими» веб-сайты тууралуу

Айгине маданий-изилдөө борбору интернет окурмандарынын көңүлүнө Кыргызстандагы 2005-2009-жылдары жыйналган материалдарды тартуулайт. Мунун ичинде камтылган маалыматты биз Кыргызстандын аймагында жашаган элдердин салттык акылмандыгы же салттык билими деп тааныйбыз.
Сунушталган веб-сайт салттык акылмандуулукту сактоо жана кийинки муунга өткөрүп берүү тууралуу долбоордун жыйынтыгы болуп саналат. Белгилүү бир аймактагы белгилүү бир элдин өмүр тагдырында тажрыйбаланып, атадан балага, муундан-муунга берилип келген турмуштук билгичтиктер элдик билим же акылмандуулук болуп саналат.
Азырынча сайтта кыргыз элинин салттык билимдери берилген, бирок материалдарды топтоо иши дагы да жүргүзүлүүдө жана келечекте бул жерде башка элдердин дагы салттык билими киргизилет.
Бул сайтта көргөзүлгөн маалыматтар маектешүүнүн негизинде чогултулуп алынып, кагазга түшүрүлүп, андан кийин маалыматчыларга көрсөтүлүп, маалыматтын так экендиги аныкталгандан кийин гана бул жерге киргизилген. Кээ бир маалыматтар, айрыкча диний тажрыйбалар тууралуу бөлүгү, биздин мурунку китептерибизде басылып чыгарылган. Ошол эле учурда калган көп маалыматтар ушул веб-сайттан биринчи болуп орун алууда.
Долбоордун алгачкы максаттарынын бири болуп диний тажрыйбалар, мазар басуу, элдик дарыгерчилик, айтымчылык, айтуучулук өнөр, ошондой эле табигат жана руханий баалуулуктардын байланышын чагылдырган билимди чогултуу болуп эсептелинген. Ушу менен бирге биз негизги диний жана диний эмес болгон расмий салтка кирбеген, ошону менен бирге азыркы коомдогу чектелген тажрыйбачыларды тааныштырып кетүүгө аракеттендик. Белгиленген багытта иш алып баруу менен бирге салттык акылмандуулукка кирген жаратылыш байлыктарын колдонуу, үй-бүлө, календарь, жаратылышка байланыштуу элдик билимди карабай коюу мүмкүн эмес эле.
Биздин жашообузду нукка салып, кылымдар бою чогултулуп келген дүйнө, жаратылыш, тиричилик жана руханият тууралуу океандай билимди кандайдыр бир тартипке салыш керек. Албетте, тартипке салуу деген шарттуу түрдө алынган сөз, себеби, мисалы, дербиштикти көз ачыктыктан же календарлык билимди жаратылыш билиминен так ажыратып кароо мүмкүн эмес. Колдогу адабияттардын жана биз чогулткан материалдардын негизинде биз силерге ушул электрондук булакты түзгөн төмөнкү бөлүктөрдү сунуштайбыз.
Сайт үч негизги бөлүктөн турат:
Ошондой эле бул сайттан силер биз акыркы жылдары жаздырып алган видео жана фото материалдарды көрө аласыңар. Алар сайтта берилген маалыматтарга көргөзмө иретинде кошумча маалымат бере алат, жана ошондой эле бул жерден силер көптөгөн биздин авторлорду көрө аласыңар.
Чогултулган материалдарды жайгаштырган веб-сайттын түзүлүшү, ошо менен бирге салттык билимге электрондук калыптын жана «жашоонун» он-лайн түрдө берилишинин өзү салттын кийинки муунга өткөрүлүп берилишинин жаңы бир жолу болуп эсептелинет. Мисалга алсак, салттык билимдердин үстүнөн иштеген уюмдар тууралуу маалымат ала алчу англис тилинде веб-сайттар арбын. Биздин сайт Кыргызстан жана бүткүл Орто Азия боюнча Кыргызстан элдеринин билимин үч тилде чагылдырган биринчи веб-сайт болуп саналат.
Мындай электрондук булак окурмандардын санын көбөйтүп, салттык билим тууралуу ой-пикирлердин алмашуусуна кеңири өбөлгө түзүп берет. Демек, салттык билим маалымат алынган учурда кандай таризде болсо, өзгөрүүгө учурабастан ошол боюнча калып калат деген божомолдун толук так эмес экенин байкоого болот, анткени дүйнөлүк пикир алмашуунун негизинде жана ушул маалыматтарды колдонгон окумуштуулардын иштеринде бул билим мындан ары өнүгөт деген үмүт бар.
Мындан тышкары, көптөгөн ар кандай маданияттардын өкүлдөрүнүн башын кошо турган бул веб-сайт бир дүйнөнүн экинчи бир дүйнөнү таанышына мүмкүндүк бере турган жол болуп калаарына ишенебиз. Бул веб-сайт аркылуу биз менен дүйнөнүн булуң-бурчундагы адамдар өздөрүнүн маданияты тууралуу маалымат бөлүшүп, мунун өзү дүйнөдөгү ар бир маданияттын өзгөчөлүгүнүн боло тургандыгы жөнүндөгү түшүнүктү жаратат деген ишеничтебиз.
Бул веб-сайтка ар кандай курактагы айыл жана шаар тургундарынын, элдик дарыгерлер менен медицина кызматкерлеринин, малчы, ишкер, манасчы, акын жана үй тиричилигиндеги адамдардын маалыматтары киргизилген. Алар мурас катарында генетикалык жол менен, же ата-энелери же устаттары тарабынан берилген билим же тарбия аркылуу алынган билимин, тажрыйбасын бөлүшөт.
Кеп бул жерде маалыматчынын тигил же бул маалыматты кандай кабыл алып, баалап, окурманга жеткиргендигинде. Маалыматтын айтылуу, сүрөттөлүү жана ар тараптуу мааниде берилүү өзгөчөлүгү, маалыматка жасалган басым дал ошол маалыматчыдан көз каранды. Кайсы бир маалыматтын берилиши жана кабыл алынышында маалыматчынын орду жогору. Ошондуктан, салттуу билимди алып жүрүүчүлөрдүн укугун коргоого байланышкан башка себептер менен катар айрым гана атын өзгөртүп берүүнү өтүнгөндөрдөн башка бардык адамдардын толук аты-жөнүн берүүгө аракет кылдык.
Автордук укук коргоонун жана көзөмөлдүн негизинде биз веб-сайттагы маалыматка толук кирүү мүмкүнчүлүгүн веб-сайтты колдонуучуларды каттоо аркылуу беребиз. Каттоодон өтүүчү анкетадагы негизги суроо ал адамдын салттык билимге карата тиешелүүлүгү же кызыкчылыгы тууралуу болот. Мунун өзү дүйнөлүк уюлда веб-сайттар менен иштөөдөгү тажрыйбанын аздыгы менен түшүндүрүлөт. Биздин веб-сайт ишке киришкенден кийин балким буга чейин бул багытта иштеген адамдар биз менен байланышка чыгат. Мына ушундай жол менен биз өз ичинде ар кыл маданияттардын салттуу билимин алып жүрүүчүлөрдүн жана изилдөөчүлөрдүн максаттуу аудиториясын калыптандырабыз деп ишенебиз.
«Айгине» маданий-изилдөө борбору Кристенсен Фондунун (АКШ) аймактык жетекчиси Эржен Хамагановага, Талас жана Ысык-Көл университеттеринин студенттерине жана биздин ишибизге салым кошкон бардык авторлорго терең ыраазычылыгын билдирет. Алардын түшүнүүчүлүк менен кылган жардамы жана салымы болбогондо, бул электрондук булактын жарык көрүүсү күмөндүү болмок.
Биз кызыгуучуларга, өздөрүнүн билими менен бөлүшкүсү келген адамдарга office@aigine.kg электрондук дарегине кат жазып, биз менен байланышсаңыздар болот демекчибиз.
Терең урмат менен,
«Айгине» тобу

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